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A Facebook Group is a powerful way for speakers, authors, and coaches to share their message and build their business!

I started the Speakers, Authors, and Coaches Network Facebook group with the intention of creating a network of my peers in the speaking and coaching world. I wanted to create a place where all of the amazing people I have met in this business could connect and support each other. 

I had no idea that it would take on a life of it's own. As the S.A.C. Network grew it brought together like minded people from all over the globe, helped me facilitate live events all over the U.S.A., brought in powerful legends like Les Brown and Jack Canfield, and gave me more business opportunity than I thought possible. 

I just wanted to create a Facebook group to connect with my peers but it became a second business that quickly turned into my main business! I have grown to love the people in The S.A.C. Network and it is a pleasure to serve them. 

Now it is your turn! 

It is time for you to grow your group! Maybe you already have a group that you are ready to grow or you are just starting out. Either way, it is time for you to build a group of your own so you can make both an impact and income sharing your message every day! 

This training shares the specific steps I followed to grow The Speakers, Authors, and Coaches Network to 10,000 members! If you are ready to grow and scale your group click the button below to get instant access to the training!  

A Group is a powerful tool to...
Grow Your Audience!
When you follow the steps in this training you will organically attract your ideal audience in your group.
Spread Your Message!
When you grow a group of your ideal audience you can share your message every day from anywhere!
Make Money!
Your group will be a powerful tool to promote your products, coaching, and events!

Working with Jake has been so helpful to me!

“Working with Jake has been so helpful to me, he is an amazing coach! You can just feel that he truly cares about you and has such a deep belief in you that it makes it easy to believe in yourself!”

~Jocelyn Kuhn

Jake gave me the encouragement and tools I needed!

“Jake gave me the encouragement and tools I needed to reach my goals in my business. He has been down the path that I wanted to go and has led me to where I want to be!”

~Rob Ferre

Greatness leaves clues!

"I went from no speaking engagements booked, wondering if I could still consider myself a speaker, to FOUR booked speaking engagements by the end of this course! I am confident in myself, my message, my importance, and the anatomy of my presentation.

Thank you, Jake! You changed the direction (well, helped me to SET a direction) for my career to a much more enjoyable and fruitful path.

Jake effectively breaks down complex requirements and steps for building a speaking practice into bite-size pieces, and embraces the power of trying while being OK with not achieving perfection.

Setting the foundation blocks of my business with Jake has been a critical part of my journey; I will forever be grateful.

More than a coach, Jake becomes your friend and ally along your path.

Greatness leaves clues. Jake has been paid hundreds of times to open his mouth and help impact thousands of lives. Hop on board and pour some rocket fuel in your business launch, or pull yourself out of a rut!"

Ryan Dunphy, Founder of Thrive Life Coaching

Jake Ballentine is a brilliant coach...

strategist, and speaker. Combining his personal experience as a successful speaker with his focus on personal development, Jake has helped me gain clarity on my marketing, impact, and life goals. I highly recommend his coaching programs, especially if you're looking to turn speaking into a profitable career!" 

Dr. Blake Brandes TEDx Speaker and Motivational Millennial Co-Founder

Life changing!

“Working with Jake Ballentine has been life changing, I have worked with many coaches over the years and none of them have compared to what I have learned from Jake!”

~Terri Mays